Our Story

Donna (daughter) and Kay (mum) are the founders of The Healthy Food Company.

The company was created after one of Donna’s twins became ill at an early age. Wanting to use nutrition to improve her daughters health, Donna’s journey into nutrition began.

It quickly became clear that there were no truly healthy and nutritious children’s ready meals available for time strapped mums, as well as improving meal offerings in schools, nurseries and hospitals.

We started developing healthy recipes at home using the right proportions of each of the food groups, all the time getting them tasted by our ‘expert’ panel of children!
Our ambition for making truly nutritious meals for children and an increasing demand from friends and family, made us decide to launch Nanna Kay’s.


What We Make

We understand how busy school life can be and that schools will always want to provide the best for their children. We know that they would prefer to make their own meals, but time, facilities and personnel doesn’t always allow for this. We believe that every child deserves truly nutritious food – no compromises!

Therefore we have developed The Healthy Food Company – a range of nutritionally balanced ready meals for children, flash frozen to lock in goodness.
Recipes developed for the nutritional needs of all children of school age – Every meal provides the perfect balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats – Our meals never contain any artificial colours, additives or preserves – We only use the best quality, freshest ingredients we can find – We have developed vegetarian, Halal, dairy and gluten free ranges catering for everyone.


How We’re Different

We wanted to make a change to childrens’ nutrition for the better, so we spoke to some important people at the government to understand what they thought great nutrition for children looked like. We then developed all of our recipes to exceed these targets (and we’re 2017 regulation ready) with a little help from our friends at The Caroline Walker Trust and Kate Nelson – our very clever paediatric dietician. Accordingly, we’re so confident about the quality of our food, we’d happily go up against any of the competition!


Our Vision For The Future

We exist to give mums and dads the peace of mind that they’re feeding their children the most nutritious meal possible – and one we know their children will love!
We’ve made a good start, but there is a long way to go – we’re passionate about changing the way children eat for the better and believe that achieving partnerships with various Local Authorities will give us the scale to deliver. We will continue to challenge convention and lead the category, always striving for a better standard. We will make it as easy as possible for schools to conform to the new government guidelines and work with Food For Life in meeting school needs.