About us

We exist to feed our customers the tastiest, healthiest, and most cost-effective meals we can!


Our story

Initially, our dream was to change our own children’s health through nutrition. 

Our MD, Donna, had her little twin ladies prematurely in 2008, and was keen to help them overcome the health issues they faced by feeding them dishes packed full of immune-boosting ingredients. After seeing great results from her food-focused approach, Donna and her mum Kay decided that all parents deserved access to healthier, nutritionally superior meals for their little ones – and so The Healthy Food Company was born! 

Many years later, and after spotting multiple gaps in the foodservice market for better quality meals at more attractive prices, The Healthy Food Company has grown to become one of the country’s leading suppliers of healthy, nutritious, delicious and sustainably sourced food in the UK.

We deliver pre prepared meals to individuals and families, and we have also struck up strong partnerships with a range of other venues throughout the UK, including schools, hospitals, care homes and for-profit businesses like bars, pubs, and restaurants. 

We spent 5 years designing and developing our range of meals before bringing them to market. Not one single sale took place until we knew that our dishes were able to meet our customers’ nutritional needs. From day one, we have set extremely high standards for ourselves and strived to build a business that our girls would be proud of when they are older. They are our inspiration, our motivation, and one of the biggest reasons why we’re so passionate about our work! 

What makes us unique?

We’re breaking the mould

What might be good enough for our competitors frankly wouldn’t make the table at The Healthy Food Company! Our meals freeze fresher, taste tastier and are healthier in ways others just aren’t. Plus, all our recipes far exceed government nutrition standards for children - so we’re not just raising the bar, we’re sending it into orbit!

We’re totally honest

To make good honest food, we have to act in good honest ways. This means selecting our ingredients carefully, preparing our meals diligently, and nurturing open relationships with our customers. We won’t ever pull the wool over anyone’s eyes - we’ll just put lovely lamb in their bellies!

We’re keeping things simple

We know that our meals are sometimes served in hectic settings, and that’s why we’ve made them incredibly easy to prepare. Most of our dishes can be whizzed from pack to plate in less than five minutes. They’re good for everyone, and a Godsend for you!

Where does our food come from?

We have scoured the entire country to find production partners who cut the mustard. We want to make sure that real people are putting their heart and soul into our food – not machines! – so we have partnered up with five large kitchen factories in various locations across the UK. Three of these workspaces are BRC Grade AA+, and the two smaller ones are STS/SALSA certified.  

How do we monitor food quality?

First of all, we make sure that we only ever use great quality ingredients. We are proud to support British farmers, and we source all our meat and poultry from British sources. All our fish is MSC certified, and we never use palm oil in our products, either.  

And secondly, our food trials don’t stop in the development kitchen. We test all our recipes on customers and patients to make sure they get their seal of approval. If our willing guinea pigs don’t give us the thumbs up, we go straight back to the drawing board!

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