How we meet your needs

We understand that everybody has their own distinctive requirements – and we will work closely with you to make sure you can access everything you need to keep your customers, students or patients happy, healthy and well-fed.

What you can expect from us

Before we even begin to talk food, we’ll identify how your mealtimes work, who you need to feed, and the systems and processes you need to follow to make sure your mealtimes run smoothly. 

Our team will then design your supply to make sure our dishes suit the people you’re serving, and that all food can be prepared quickly and easily onsite. We will always work to make sure you are getting the best possible product at the right price by monitoring portion sizes and keeping a close eye on your budget to prevent costs from getting out of control.  

Our menus can be tailored to cater for all kinds of special dietary requirements, too. From coming up with yummy veggie and vegan options to developing dishes for people with allergies, intolerances and difficulty swallowing, you can rely on our chefs to meet pretty much any brief, always with a smile on their face and the intention to serve the tastiest, healthiest, most nutritionally dense food they can! 

We know that change can be daunting. That’s why, as soon as you sign up with us, we’ll even come to your kitchen if you want us to and help you transition from your existing supplier across to The Healthy Food Company. It’s just another way we like to look after our partners.

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