Early Years Sector

Free Range Kids is proud to be in partnership with Nanna Kay’s Nursery Meals ™
Nanna Kay’s Nursery Meals are highly nutritious, affordable and loved by children, parents and staff!
Thousands of Nana Kay’s meals are served to nursery school children every month.

  • Become one of those very happy nurseries with our meal package offers:
  • Meals guaranteed to meet SACN (Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition) guidelines
  • Meals for children aged 6 months to 5+
  • All allergies and intolerances provided for
  • A new and efficient way of serving food
  • Big reduction in wastage of food
  • Personalised Menus for your setting
  • Tried and tested by nurseries
  • A big thumbs up from children and parents
  • Full ongoing support from an experienced early years’ professional

Standards that you expect
We don’t believe in bombarding you with lots of sound bites about how our food is the best; we believe in giving you unadulterated facts: Nanna Kay’s Nursery Meals™ have been specifically developed following guidelines from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), the advisory committee to the government. Nanna Kay (Kay Shearing) sits on two All-Party Parliamentary Groups, has contributed to two major papers on children and healthy eating and has spent 4 years refining the meals that so many children love. Kay’s passion and focus, borne from her own family needs (see her full story at www.thehealthyfoodcompany.co.uk), has been the driver behind creating highly nutritious, delicious food for children.

Meeting children’s nutritional requirements
Nanna Kay’s Nursery Meals™ have been tried, tested and developed to meet the highest standards of nutrition. They contain all the daily macro and micro nutrients needs of children and have absolutely no added salt or sugar. We can tell you with absolute certainty what each of our meals contains and what level of energy, protein, fats, carbs and all the other important information they contain. You and the parents at your nursery can rest assured that the children are receiving exactly the right food that they need to grow into healthy people. We don’t make excuses for our meals and we don’t try to convince you that sugar and fat laden desserts are alright for the children to eat every day. They’re not, and in fact we offer a range of healthy alternatives such as fruit and yoghurt.

Nothing artificial
Our food is 100% additive and preservative free. We don’t believe in giving children anything that may interfere with their hormones, growth and development. Why would we when we know that children are particularly susceptible to the effects of artificial ingredients because their metabolic systems are still developing and their developing key organs are vulnerable to disruptions. Nothing about us or Nanna Kay’s Nursery Meals™ is artificial!

Healthy food in Nurseries
Our vision is to provide healthy food and snacks to early years settings that is not only guaranteed to meet children’s daily nutritional requirements, but is also easy and efficient to serve. We abhor waste and so we’ve developed a system that puts you in charge of when and how you serve great meals, whether you want to cater for one or 500. No more wasting food or worrying about last minute orders or changes! We want you to have full control of your catering without the need for expensive staff costs.

Becoming more efficient
We know how much it costs to employ staff to prepare meals from scratch or serve delivered meals and we believe that our tried and tested method will help create efficiencies and save you money. We have easy to use tools for ordering allowing you to be in complete control of your stock levels. Read here Support to find out how your setting can become more efficient.

Partners we believe in
Free Range Kids has partnered with Nanna Kay’s Nursery Meals™ because they 100% share our vision for providing healthy, nutritional food for children. Read their inspiring story here www.thehealthyfoodcompany.co.uk

About Us
Our team has over 50 years experience in early years childcare in nursery settings. We fully understand what is involved in serving thousands of meals every year. We have the same background and experiences as you and so we’ve probably been in every situation you have. We understand how critical food is for a child’s development and that staff and parents also need to be engaged and happy with what is being served at nursery.

Partner with us to give our children the healthiest start in life. It’s what they deserve!