Our work in the education sector

Every child deserves to be fed healthy, nutritional food. But at The Healthy Food Company, we don’t just want to provide delicious meals to kids in education – we want to help them develop long-standing dietary habits that will stick with them long into adulthood. 

We provide meals for nurseries and primary schools

When children eat well, they achieve well. Good food gives them the tools to thrive and learn; they need high calorie meals for energy, as well as the essential vitamins and minerals to keep their immune systems fully functional and brains alert to learn. 

The range of school meals from The Healthy Food Company provide all these things – and they’re tasty, too!

We set our standards to SACN and the BDA to make sure that the meals and meal options we provide are just what schools and nurseries are looking for. We fully cater for those children with allergies, food intolerance and cultural needs, and all our meals are packed full of optimum starchy rather than sugary carbohydrates to keep kids full up for longer. 

We have worked with Kate Costello, our in-house Paediatric Dietitian, to develop a three-week menu that provides a balanced selection of meal choices to nurseries, primary schools and other educational facilities. Every meal is analysed for its nutritional content twice – firstly by our specialist software, and then by laboratory testing.

Our school meals are:

Exceptionally healthy

Our school meals contain little to no sugars, salt, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, processed meats or hydrogenated oils.

Made with the finest ingredients

We source all our produce from within Britain wherever possible. All our fish is MSC certified, and we never use palm oil in our products, either. 

Designed to boost health and immunity

We guarantee that every meal supplied by The Healthy Food Company will exceed all the existing government nutritional guidelines for children.

Tailored to meet your school’s needs

From veggie and vegan options to gluten free meals and energy dense products, our food can be designed to meet any pupil’s requirements.

Available in individual portions

Our school meals can be single plated for better portion control, reduced wastage and easy itemised ordering. 

Easy to cook and serve

Small kitchen? No cooks? Don’t worry – our meals are pre prepared and can be cooked using basic appliances in virtually any educational setting.

Supporting universal infant free school meals

We have a full range of meals for younger school children that was prompted by the introduction of the universal infant free school meals scheme. Meals in this range require a minimal preparation, so they are ideal for schools where space is tight or where you’re short of staff. All our infant school meals are designed to meet the exacting standards of school catering whilst providing kids with wholesome, balanced meals they will look forward to seeing on the menu.

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