Energy Dense Meals

At The Healthy Food Company we are passionate about getting the nutrition just right for each and every patient, and we understand all about malnutrition and the impact it can have on the recovery of a patient.


In our brand New Smaller Appetites Plus + range we have packed even more of that all important nutrition into our smaller portions , with a minimum of 500 calories and 20g of protein per meal , but still with our now,  quite famous ethos, of no added salt or sugar and low in saturated fats, so the patients get all of the good stuff, and none of the bad stuff – Guaranteed!


As with all of our dishes, they can be reheated in all of the normal ways, whether it’s in the oven , a microwave when pushed for time or out of hours , or a Burlodge Trolley ( or similar .)


By using our energy dense meals you cut down on waste and no longer have to offer the patient a serving that is far too big and that will not encourage them to eat – our offering is something that those with a small appetite will feel they can manage – and is super healthy for them at the same time – mission accomplished !

Dishes available in 290g portions: –

  • Beef lasagne
  • Vegetable lasagne
  • Beef Bolognese and pasta
  • Macaroni cheese
  • Cottage pie
  • Vegan cottage pie
  • Chicken curry & Rice
  • Vegetable curry & Rice



Our heartwarming chicken curry & Rice, super tasty with super nutrition, with less than half a gram of salt but 21.5g of protein and 515 Calories.

So you no longer have to compromise on salt and sugar levels when choosing an energy dense meal for your patients.