Our work in the hospitality sector

We can help you improve the quality and dietary value of the meals you are delivering to your customers, whilst keeping service simple.

Get meals your patrons will enjoy, delivered to a deliciously high standard

Our pre-prepared restaurant meals have been tried, tested and developed to meet the highest standards of nutrition. These handmade dishes contain one third of the daily macro and micronutrients needs of children and adults and have absolutely no added salt or sugar. Better still, they can be served up with little to no preparation, saving you heaps of money on staff costs and kitchen equipment. 

Our children’s restaurant meals have been specifically developed following guidelines from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), the advisory committee to the government. Kay, our co-founder, sits on two all-party parliamentary groups, has contributed to two major papers on children and healthy eating, and has spent eight years refining the restaurant meals on offer from The Healthy Food Company that so many children love. Kay’s passion and focus, borne from her own family’s needs, has been the driver behind creating highly nutritious, delicious food for everyone to enjoy – especially little people!

Our pre-prepared meals are:

Nutritionally balanced

Each recipe is packed full of exactly the right mix of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals and nutrients your customers need to stay healthy and energised.

Tried and tested

All our dishes have been rated for their taste and value. Nothing leaves our doors unless it has been given a big thumbs up by our team and our customers!

Designed for customers aged 6 months +

Our chefs cater for even the littlest of people! Expand your offering and capture more of the family market with our child-friendly products.

Supplied as part of your personalised menu

We can help you design a varied selection that delivers incredible choice whilst taking all preferences, allergies and intolerances into consideration.

Easy to order

We offer easy to use tools that allow you to be in complete control of your stock levels and adjust your orders as your needs change.

Ready in minutes

Our meals have all been prepared in advance. All you need to do is heat them up according to the instructions, and they will be ready to serve.

Free from nasties

We don’t believe in using anything unnatural in our meals. Our restaurant food is 100% additive and preservative free.

Guaranteed to meet SACN guidelines

We create all our restaurant meals in accordance with the energy reference values set out by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition.

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