Meet The Healthy
Food Company Team

Donna Shearing

Managing Director

Donna is a founder of The Healthy Food Company and…..

Kay Shearing

Manufacturing & Product Director

Kay is a founder of The Healthy Food Company and sits on two all-party Parliamentary Groups – A Fit and Healthy Childhood and Healthy Eating In Schools. She has contributed to two major papers covering the need of healthy eating in schools and children generally.

Kay is at the front line of what changes are coming into the sector and therefore can anticipate them in our dishes. Already, all of our dishes mean that the kitchens that use them will already be 2017 compliant, with no changes necesssary.

Sarah Cunningham

Head of Business Development

Sarah works tirelessly with our clients to ensure that all of their needs are met. She thrives on building great relationships with our clients and getting to know them as individuals to fully understand their settings and their needs. Sarah is very good at working to solve any issues that should arise to ensure that from beginning to end our clients are informed and assured that the problem is being solved. Sarah also seems to have a great ability to hit price points!

She is a valued member of our team and you will enjoy working with her.

Emma Shearing

Head of Accounts

Emma is your point of contact for anything financial and stock related.

Emma keeps a firm control on our stock levels to ensure that you always have our meals available and ready order.

Emma negotiates our rates with suppliers and distribution companies and makes sure our overheads are as low as possible so we can run efficiently and keep delivering our meals to you at an affordable price.

Kate Costello


Kate is our Dietician that specialises in nutrition for children and the elderly. Kate takes nutrition to a whole other level with her abilities! She has shown us ways to maximise nutrition without having to eat huge portions of food.

She removes the bad fats whilst keeping the good fats and makes sure that each of our meals that Kay has designed meet the strict guidelines, we not only set ourselves, but that the government set too.

A registered dietician with a wide breadth of experience in both adult and children’s nutrition, Kate is also a member of the British Dietetic Association and is registered with the Health Professions Council.

Our dietician has working with the NHS for many years. She has worked in a variety of nutritional and dietetic roles throughout her career and has specialised in both adult and paediatric dietetics in both hospital and community settings. she strives to use her expertise in diet and nutrition to promote health and to prevent and treat disease.

Our dietician has ensured that our meals meet and exceed government guidelines and allow us to truly say we have the most nutritious meals available on the market today!