Our commitment to you

All of our food is created to ensure a delicious meal, but we don’t work alone. The team includes an in-house dietitian to ensure our meals not only taste great, but also deliver optimal nutritional value across a range of dietary requirements.  This is then all backed up with scientific analysis

Meeting nutritional standards

We work tirelessly to ensure we meet and exceed all nutritional guidelines.  We follow the BDA and SACN

Locking in Nutrition

When we started our journey we wanted to offer fresh meals to our customers , but soon discovered that even the best food would deteriorate and lose nutrition very quickly after cooking.

So we decided the best way to seal in all of the nutrition that we had worked so hard to get into the dishes was to blast freeze within an hour of cooking – that way the nutrition stays there until it’s re heated and served to your patient – just as we intended

Why is eating healthily so important in recovery ?

When someone goes into hospital they are either very sick or require surgery and various other forms of treatment such as Chemotherapy etc.

In all cases the body will require the correct nutrition to help it cope with the battle of recovery.  If they do not like the offering or they cannot eat it all, they will lack the nutrition being demanded by the body and recovery will be slower.

With our dishes , nutrition is crammed in to a portion that can be tolerated , it can be reheated on demand within minutes so if a patient doesn’t feel like eating with everyone else they can chose something at a time to suit them – ensuring they still get the right nutrition.