Gluten Free Meals

We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to broaden our services – and now, after partnering with a dedicated gluten free factory, we’re pleased to bring a great range of Coeliac-friendly meals to schools, hospitals, care homes and hospitality venues across the country. 


Fresh, tasty dishes for a growing part of our population

It’s thought that up to 8.5 million people in the UK alone are either allergic to or intolerant of gluten (or have decided to go gluten free through personal choice). At least 1 in every 100 people are thought to suffer from Coeliac disease, too, although many of them have not been clinically diagnosed with the condition. This means that a huge percentage of people are unable to eat wheat-based foods, and are constantly trying to find quality gluten free dishes that taste just as good as their gluten-based counterparts (and are just as nutritionally valuable). This is where we can help!

We can design and supply a wide range of gluten free meals for businesses, schools, nurseries, hospitals, care homes and other venues across the country. 

We are the exclusive ‘Safe to Serve’ supplier to the NHS

After working closely with Coeliac UK to ensure our gluten free food is fully BRC AA accredited – and after establishing a brilliant relationship with a totally gluten free factory – we have secured a deal with the NHS that allows us to supply hospitals with a wider selection of bought-in gluten free meals that can be prepared quickly and easily onsite. 

All our gluten free dishes – which look and taste amazing, by the way! – are sealed until they are presented to the end user, which removes all risk of cross contamination, and provides patients and their carers with extra peace of mind.

We only use good, wholesome ingredients in our Coeliac-friendly hospital food, and we are careful not to add any extra sugar, preservatives or additives of any kind. Our dishes also have the lowest salt content of any similar meals currently being produced by similar suppliers.

Partner with us, and your patients will benefit from:

A wider choice of gluten free options, including vegetarian and vegan

Children’s gluten free meals

Fresh, handmade food that has been prepared using the finest ingredients

Dishes that are packed full of good calories, fats and carbohydrates to aid a faster recovery

Meals that are suitable for renal, heart and stroke patients

Gluten free products for onsite vending machines

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