Vending machine meals

Quick and easy doesn’t have to mean unhealthy! The Healthy Food Company supplies fresh, nutritionally balanced food for use in onsite vending machines.


Grab and go solutions for busy venues

When you think of vending machine meals, what food springs to mind? Sweets? Crisps? Chocolate? All the stuff that’s bad for you, right? Well, we don’t think anybody should have to compromise on the quality and nutritional value of their meals, even if they need to eat in a hurry. 

The Healthy Food Company works closely with vending machine operators in various venues to ensure their customers, residents and patients have access to fresh, tasty hot dishes at the click of a button. You’ll find our vending machine meals in schools, hospitals, care homes and all kinds of eateries up and down the UK. 

Our team offers a set menu of vending machine meals, but we can also provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options on request. 

Contact us now to discuss your vending requirements in more detail and learn more about how you can use our fresh vending machine meal solutions to enhance your business.

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