Our Range

Al a Carte menu

Chicken Curry with rice

Vegetable Chilli and Rice

Roast chicken Dinner

Beef Lasagne and garlic bread

Macaroni Cheese with vegetables

Cottage pie with vegetables

Creamy vegetables with pasta

Sweet and sour chicken with rice

Fish pie with vegetables

Our individually-plated meal range allows patients to choose what they want to eat much closer to meal times, when they’re more likely to know what they want. Staff can simply re-heat the patient’s choice of meal within five minutes. Offering our A La Carte meals can help reduce waste while aiding recovery with a nutritious hot meal that is packed full of goodness.

Multi Meal options

All of our meals are available in multi portions , this is the perfect solution for staff and visitor catering in canteens, such as hospitals It enables your kitchen staff to creatively serve restaurant-quality meals, with simplified stock and supplier management.  The approach guarantees high-quality food, but with less waste, minimal fuss and significant labour and cost savings.

Texture Modified

All of our food is available in each of the Dysphagia descriptors .  Rather than provide whole plated meals which inevitably results in huge waste , we offer 40g Timbales to allow you to build the portion size towards your individual patients requirements.

This allows someone who is just getting back to solid food to have a small portion and gradually build them up to a good portion size – minimal waste and optimum taste – no compromise on nutrition – job done !

Allergen Free meals

Contact us for further details, many of our dishes, because of the simplicity of the ingredients contain no allergens, some may have as few 1 or 2 of the identified allergens, we are always happy to provide full meal breakdowns for your hospital.

Halal requirements

All of our dishes are available as halal choices , please contact us for details.