Our Ways

Breaking the mould

What might be good enough for our competitors frankly wouldn’t make the table at The Healthy Food Companys.
That’s across every aspect of our business. Our meals freeze fresher, taste tastier and are healthy in ways others just aren’t. And all our recipes far exceed government nutrition standards for children.

So we’re not just raising the bar, we’re sending it into orbit!

Totally honest

In order to make good honest food, we have to act in good honest ways.

That includes everything from how we carefullyselect our ingredients, the way we prepare our meals, to the open and honest relationships we emjoy with our customers.
So, we won’t ever pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, we’ll just put lovely lamb in their bellies.

Keep things simple

We know that our meals are used in hectic settings. That doesn’t always make it easy to produce healthy and nutritious food that you would ideally like to serve.
With The Healthy Food Company there’s no need to compromise. Our recipes are made from the best ingredients, delicious and nutritious and can be whizzed from pack to plate in fewer than five minutes. Good for everyone, simple for you.

Heart of our business

The Healthy Food Company exists as children are the heart of our business.

We put 4 years of love and effort into developing meals and products that have the highest levels of nutrition possible and available.