So who makes Nanna Kay’s lovely nutritious dishes ?

Nanna Kay really cares about the finished products that our clients are going to eat, so she has travelled the Country to find people as like minded as her who really care about the food they produce.

Large automated production factories were not for her , she wanted real people making her food – not machines !

Nanna is now proud to say she has five lovely ‘ Kitchens ‘ ( which are really factories but don’t tell her !) – but are just like great big kitchens , with real people stirring saucepans and pots, real people weighing out ingredients and chopping them up.

This way the dishes all come out just like the one’s Nanna Kay invented in her kitchen at home.

3 of the factories ( Kitchens !) are BRC Grade AA+  The other two smaller kitchens are STS / Salsa.

This means that the factories have been audited and approved by the different accreditations.

As we are growing in size, Nanna keeps an eye out for any other kitchens she can use to help cope with the growing demand  , then she visits them and watches their production methods, she tastes the food they are producing and if she is happy she carries out some trials on her own dishes , only when she has tasted them herself and is happy does she let them start making her food, after all – Nanna does know best !