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Catering for health and wellbeing

The food service sector is crucial in improving the nation’s diet. Most people eat out – at pubs, cafes or restaurants, in schools, hospitals or at work – sometimes with limited understanding of the nutritional profile of the foods they are eating. At the same time, food service providers have several objectives to balance, not solely the health impact of the food they produce.

The Healthy Food Company provides full meal meal solutions or stand-alone items that have unrivalled nutrition content. We help caterers and chefs provide healthier menu choices to suit different budget levels and requirements, which also taste good.

We work with individual clients at every level to create a series of nutritional and cost-managed dishes delivered across care homes, work places, hospitals and eating outlets.

In addition, tailored menus can be supplied to meet specific nutritional needs such as people with food allergies and intolerances, people at risk of malnutrition and those with dysphagia.

The Healthy Food Company has developed a range of meals which takes patients catering to a whole new balanced and healthy level.

Food is the Best Form of medicine and the Healthy Food Company have developed a range of dishes which embraces this ethos.

In 35yrs of working in NHS catering it is refreshing to see meals that patients have been involved in developing, and that they want to eat to enhance their recovery .

The Healthy food Company have a range that is not only balanced and healthy, but focused on aiding the patients recovery.

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