Our work in the health sector

We supply healthy, nutritionally balanced meals to hospital patients in the UK

Hospital food is an essential part of patient care. Good food can encourage patients to eat well and give them the nutrients they need to recover from surgery or illness.

In fact, patients who receive good nutrition may have shorter hospital stays, fewer post-operative complications, reduces re-admissions and less need for drugs and other interventions – so it makes sense for healthcare providers to ensure the food they are serving their patients is of good quality and packed full of great nutrition.

The problem is, caterers and nutritionists are seeing more of their patients entering healthcare facilities in a malnourished state. Studies show that up to 40% of hospital patients are malnourished on admission, which means they have not been eating well enough to keep themselves healthy. Even just a few days of eating good meals can make a big difference for these patients – and The Healthy Food Company is committed to helping these individuals improve their overall health with tasty, wholesome, freshly prepared food that has been tailored to meet their unique dietary requirements.

Our hospital meals are:

Exceptionally healthy

Our hospital meals contain little to no sugars, salt, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, processed meats or hydrogenated oils.

Designed to boost health and immunity

Each meal supplied by The Healthy Food Company will exceed government nutritional guidelines for children, adults and the elderly.

Easy to cook and serve

We are the only company in the UK providing care home meals that are nutrient rich and low in salt, sugars and saturated fats.

Made with the finest ingredients

We source all our produce from within Britain wherever possible. All our fish is MSC certified, and we never use palm oil in our products, either.

Tailored to meet your patients’ needs

From veggie and vegan options to gluten free meals and energy dense products, our food can be designed to meet anybody’s requirements.

Available in individual portions

Our hospital meals can be single plated for better portion control, reduced wastage and easy itemised ordering.

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