Health Sector

Hospital food is an essential part of patient care. Good food can encourage patients to eat well, giving them the nutrients they need to recover from surgery or illness.

Patients who receive good nutrition may have shorter hospital stays, fewer post-operative complications, reduces re-admissions and less need for drugs and other interventions.

A major challenge facing caterers and nutritionists is the number of patients entering healthcare facilities in a malnourished state. Studies show that up to 40% of hospital patients are malnourished on admission. This means they have not been eating well enough to keep themselves healthy. Even just a few days of eating good meals can make a big difference for these patients.

Our metabolic rate increases when we are unwell so the body burns up energy quicker, therefore our high energy meals provide optimum nutrition where it is needed most.

We have little to no transfats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, salt, processed meats or hydrogenated oils in our meals and meal options.

The diversity of nutritional needs within the hospital setting is extensive. We recognise those patients who are “nutritionally vulnerable” (those with poor appetites, increased risk of malnutrition) who require a diet that is energy and nutrient-dense.

We also cater for the “nutrionally well” patients, whose needs are in line with the healthy balanced diet but have other needs such as Dysphasia.

Our meals and options can help ensure that hospitals have the capacity to meet the differing nutritional needs of the patient populations they are providing for.

No kitchen or a small kitchen? Queuing time? Not enough staff? Struggling to meet nutrition levels?

We have packed our meals so that they can be cooked using various kitchen appliances such as hobs, microwaves and ovens. We cater for all settings.

We work with a company that can supply trolleys in all sizes for settings with no kitchens. These trolleys can cook the food as well as keep it warm and can be used for as serving stations.

We have made it possible for everyone to be able to supply a lunch or dinner. We have also had schools and nurseries purchase a trolley to use alongside their kitchen to allow for in the increased demand for school meals to shorten queues.

We can provide full meals as well as components, there will be no need to increase staff when you are using our meals we have done all the hard work for you no preparation needed! You can manage the increase in demand with your existing team.

Each meal that we supply meets and exceeds government guidelines for children, the elderly and adults nutrition. You do not need to worry about conforming to the standard’s set as we have ensured that by using our meals you are are providing the healthiest meal possible.