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The food service sector is crucial in improving the nation’s diet. Most people eat out – at pubs, cafes or restaurants, in schools, hospitals or at work – sometimes with limited understanding of the nutritional profile of the foods they are eating. At the same time, food service providers have several objectives to balance, not solely the health impact of the food they produce.

The Healthy Food Company provides full meal meal solutions or stand-alone items that have unrivalled nutrition content. We help caterers and chefs provide healthier menu choices to suit different budget levels and requirements, which also taste good.

We work with individual clients at every level to create a series of nutritional and cost-managed dishes delivered across care homes, work places, hospitals and eating outlets.

We also cater for the “nutrionally well” patients, whose needs are in line with the healthy balanced diet but have other needs such as Dysphagia

Creating a balanced meal choice for the wide range of patients that we serve in a General Acute Hospital is an on-going challenge.

Since Musgrove Park Hospital moved to a catering option of cook freeze for our patients in 2004, we have continually added and adjusted our menu selections to ensure that we give our patients a variety of choice. Fresh Soup, sandwiches and salads are vital parts of the menu that can make a real difference to each and every patient. Over the past few months we have added a new meal selections from The Healthy Food Company; the planning and procuring for the selection of these choices has deliberately been a careful arrangement. We have started the choices on the children’s menus which has been received very favourably and we plan to roll out choices to our care and elderly patients in the coming months.

Ensuring that our Trust Board, Dietitians and Clinical Teams understand the importance of our supplier selection needs involvement; to help do this Sarah and Kay liaised with us to provide a suitable launch with tasting and questions helping to push our standards to the highest level possible. Enthusiasm and a willingness to have a product that is nutritionally superior as well as being tasty and presentable is something that Sarah and Kay are working incredibly hard to achieve.

Musgrove Park Hospital is proud to be in partnership with such a company; proving that working together, with complete focus on the patient, will provide results that bring pride to the NHS.

Philip Shelley -Facilities Manager, Musgrove Park Hospital