Problems We Can Solve

We work with a diverse base of clients in all areas such as education, hospitals and restaurants.

We design meals that are bursting with nutrition and flavour. Not only is every meal packed full of quality ingredients but our meals are affordable and versatile.

Our passion is designing meals that can be enjoyed in all settings regardless of facilities available. We exist to solve your problems!

How We Fit Into Food For Life

All stand alone products such as meatballs, beef burgers, chicken fillets, fish fillets and sausages, can all be bought in under the 75% made from scratch requirement.

Proteins and sauces can be bought in under the 25% not made from scratch requirement.

For regen kitchens we can offer a one step solution of ready meals complete that meet all dietary requirements and Government targets for sat fats, sugar and salt, so although they may not be able to obtain Food For Life accreditation, they will know they are serving the best food possible.

For those kitchens with a small amount of facilities, we can offer proteins and sauces and they can simply add pasta/rice and similar, cutting down on preparation times and facilities required.

Special dietary requirements catered for in individual packs if required.

All dishes come in Halal versions, whether in multi or single portions.

Red tractor & MSC, Factory rating BRC grade A, Halal accreditation to HFA.


The Goodness In Our Food

Magnesium: The body uses this imprtant mineral to keep bones strong and the heart rhythm steady. It also supports the immune system and helps maintain muscle and nerve function.

Potassium: Potassium works with Sodium to control the body’s water balance, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure. In fact a diet that’s low in potassium and high in sodium appears to be a factor in high blood pressure. Potassium also helps with nuscle function and heart rhythm and, in later years, may reduce the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Zinc: More than 70 enzymes depend on zinc to perform their roles in digestion and metabolism and children who don’t get enough Zinc risk having stunted growth.

Iron: Iron is a nutrient that’s needed to make haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of red blood cells, which circulate throughout the body to deliver oxygen to all it’s cells. Without enough iron, the body can’t make enough red blood cells and tissues and organs won’t get the oxygen they need. So it’s important for kids and teens to get enough iron in their dailyy diets.

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is also known as pyridoxine. It has several important functions, including allowing the body to nuse and store energy from protein and carbohydrates in food helping to form haemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen around the body.

We’re a Perfectly Balanced Brand

80% of mums are worried about what their children are eating, but feel guilty that they don’t have time to improve their diet.

We have carefully crafted a brand that strikes the perfect balance between the rational and emotional need.

We allow parents to feel confident that their children are being given a healthy choice and a truly nutritional meal that they will love.

Schools and nurseries serving Nanna Kay’s can be absolutely certain they are giving children the very best food available.

Recipes are designed to ensure that we are naturally high in important stuff like Omega 3 for little brains to develop healthily. vitamins B6 and 12, Zinc and Iron.

So Why The Healthy Food Company?

Our founder, Kay Shearing, sits on 2 all-party Parliamentary Groups – A Fit and Healthy Childhood and Healthy Eating In Schools. She has contributed to two major papers covering the need for healthy eating in schools and children generally.

Kay is at the front line of what changes are coming into the sector and therefore can anticipate them in our dishes already, all of our dishes mean that the kitchens that use them will already be 2017 compliant with no changes necessary.

As we employ our own Paediatric Dietician (not Nutritionist) each recipe is carefully balanced and developed to ensure our food is totally transparent and will stand up to even the closest scrutiny. No clever wording needed for our dishes!

We have a range of 19 dishes to allow choice throughout a three week menu cycle and the ability to respond to requests for new meals within a quick timescale.